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Bright Horizons candidate centre

Welcome to the Bright Horizons candidate centre, we look forward to working with you to secure a new career with Bright Horizons
This checklist will help guide you through the process 
Step 1
A skype interview with a member of the Fresh Start team 
Step 2 
Send copies of your documents so we can validate your right to work in the UK in this role.
  • Passport or ID card
  • Diploma and transcript 
  • English language certificate 
Step 3
Complete a Fresh Start CV template ensuring you complete all your referee email address details 
Complete a personal timeline for discussion with your Fresh Start mentor 
Complete Bright Horizons application form
All these forms will be sent to you following your skype interview
Step 4
Follow up interview with your Fresh Start mentor to discuss your CV and timeline and check all documentation is prepared for your interview
Step 5 
Register on line for your QTS
Step 6 
Ensure you have all your original documents ready to bring to your final face to face interview 
  • Passport 
  • ID card
  • Driving licence or other proof of address such as a bank statement with your address on it.
  • Diploma – original
  • Supplement
Any other documents that you may have that would be specific to working in the UK such as
  • QTS certificate 
  • NARIC early years statement
  • DBS certificate 
  • UK NI number
  • UK Bank account 
Step 7 
Attend a interview session with Bright Horizons within your home country 
This interview will last 3 hours and includes the following;
  • Presentation
  • Individual Interview
  • Group workshop
  • Documentation session (compliance team) 
  • Q & A session
Step 8
You will receive verbal feedback within 48 hours of your interview and successful candidates will receive a conditional job offer within 7 working days.
If you wish to accept the job offer you MUST return the signed contract within 14 days 
You will also be sent an optional relocation support agreement if you wish to accept this you should also return within 14 days.
Step 9
Once you have accepted the job offer you will need to complete the following
  • Work with the compliance team to secure references from all your referees. These must be send by email from the referees official business address to Bright Horizons.
  • Complete an on line DBS (UK police check)- this will be sent to you by email from Bright Horizons for completion
  • Once your DBS number is issued you will be sent a link to complete an update service which costs £13.00 this MUST be done within 7 days 
  • You will also receive a link for a foreign jurisdiction check (police check in your home country) this MUST be completed within 3 working days of receipt. 
Step 10
Once all these processes have been completed the compliance team will confirm your start date.
Step 11
The Fresh Start relocation manger-if you have accepted the optional relocation support agreement from Bright Horizons, Jeremy will contact you to discuss relocation to the UK and review your housing options and travel
Step 12 
On arrival in the UK if you have accepted the optional relocation program you will be met at the airport and transferred to a hotel close to the
Bright Horizons training centre were you will stay for up to 10 days whilst you secure your permanent accommodation.