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We want our customers to be the happiest in the industry. The Fresh Start Customer Promise explains how we'll work to achieve that.

We'll be honest and respectful - so you know what to expect from us

·            We'll respect your culture, people and needs - we think different is good. We think choice is good, too.

·            We'll be honest about what we can do and what we can't.

·            We'll work with you to get the best outcomes, and if there's ever a problem we'll do our best to resolve it quickly.


We'll be open-minded and thoughtful - with creativity, inspiration and innovation

·            We love inspired ideas - yours and ours - and we'll use the best ones to help create and improve our products and services.

·            We'll ask every customer and candidate at least twice a year how we can do better and we'll act on what you tell us.


We'll be good to work with - we think work should be fun and rewarding

·            We want to make you happy and successful, inspiring your careers and ours.

·            Our people are friendly, positive and enthusiastic, with a 'can do' attitude and freedom to act in your best interests.

·            We'll be accountable for what we do. Every person working for Fresh Start knows that they contribute to your satisfaction with us.



This is our promise to you. Judge us on this.

Talent Acquisition For A New World

Great people are the foundation of your business. It doesn't matter if you're a huge, global brand or a smaller local company - you need to hire the best.

Recruitment isn't getting any easier - and it has changed radically with the arrival of social networks in business life. Hiring is now faster, more competitive, more social and no longer limited by geographic location. Talent acquisition follows new rules, processes and technology models.

Can you adapt to that world? Can you identify and select the right candidate from a mass of online applicants? Do you know where your potential candidates are, how they behave online and how to attract them with a great employer brand? Can you inspire them to join and make the process fast, easy, secure and enjoyable?

These are the questions we'll help you answer

·            People Focused: Our talent acquisition is designed with end-users in mind, we work to support your daily recruitment challenges and improve your employer brand by creating an unbeatable candidate experience.

·            Multi-Channel marketing and Social Integration: Use our social media channels to support your employer brand and search for candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on further social media channels.

·            A Great Candidate Experience: we create a personalised experience that leaves a lasting, positive impression.

·            First Impressions Count: Bring objectivity, speed and transparency to your recruitment processes, improving the candidate experience and reducing the chances of counter-offers.

·            Quality Not Quantity: HR and Hiring Managers can reduce the time they spend interviewing, we  identify and fast-tracking those candidates who meet or exceed your pre-defined hiring criteria.

·            Work Together: With all stakeholders working together, interview times can be easily booked and follow up and feedback is managed efficiently.

·            Boost Your Talent Pipeline: Ensure that good candidates, who may not be right for a position today, are not discounted for a potential position tomorrow.

·            Focus Efforts: Keep the administrative tasks associated with response handling, diversity monitoring, interview management and assessment to a minimum, freeing up time to focus on quality talent.

At Fresh Start we understand that no two people, organisations or cultures are the same. We have developed talent acquisition solutions that work the way our customers work, as individuals and as teams. Our Talent acquisition team will help streamline your recruitment process, shorten time-to-hire, lower your recruitment costs and help you find the very best candidate for the job.