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Recruitment services

Veronika and Tonis


Hi Veronika and Tonis here and we are professional recruiters and we manage all the recruitment in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.
We would be your first point of contact if you were applying to any of our adverts, or have been recommended by a friend and you live in the Baltic regions.
We work with you during the recruitment and assessment process and after we have discussed your application by phone, We will then invite successful applicants to one of our assessment centers in your home country.
During the assessment center we will work you in gathering all the required documents and we will be your point of contact through to starting in the UK.

Scott and Victoria

Ciao, we are Scott and Victoria and we work throughout Italy, Victoria and I recruit and I also run English language classes. 
We would be your fist point of contact if you are applying to any of our adverts which you will see as Fresh Start or Curis Recruitment which is our Italian recruitment company.
We will work with you through the process, and we even have a team that can help you with your NMC application if you are a Nurse, and we have a team of translators that can translate any documents you may need for your new job.
We are on hand to help and support you in your new career in the UK