First page Travelling to the UK

Travelling to the UK

A member of the welfare team will meet you upon arrival in the UK.

We can give you support on the following:

Going to the UK
When you are ready to travel to the UK we will make sure that you have the right documents with you. You must take the following:

Whilst you can travel on your National ID card you will need a passport to open a bank account in the UK .

National Identity Card
You will need your National Identity Card for worker registration in the UK . note: this will cost you approximately £90.

Driving Licence
Your Driving Licence will be required if you intend to drive for your job in the UK, but you may also use it to prove your EU address.
Recent Bank statement and Debit Card from your EU Bank Account
You will need to provide a bank statement from the last three months to open a bank account in the UK.

Current Car Insurance documents should you want to buy a car
If you would like to buy a car in the UK you can benefit from your EU no claims bonus if you bring the relevant insurance documents with you.

How much money should I take?
You should take enough money to last for one month before you get your first wages. you will need money for registration in the UK , money for a deposit and rent on your accommodation, and money for food.